Jim DePalma Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

We are thrilled to present the “Jim DePalma Scholarship”, which has been established to aid students seeking to achieve their academic objectives. Annually, one student will have the opportunity to lower their tuition burden by $1000. A quality education is essential for all, and through his scholarship, Jim DePalma seeks to do his part, one ambitious student at a time.

Scholarship Details

  • Offering $1000 annually
  • Designed to assist students in achieving academic objectives
  • Commitment to lowering the financial burden of education

Eligibility Criteria

  • Attend an accredited US-based university
  • Maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher
  • Submit a moving essay along with the completed application

Application Process

  1. Write a 700-850-word essay addressing a past experience where you felt poorly treated. Reflect on your satisfaction with how you handled the situation.
  2. Submit required items via the submission form before the March 31st deadline:
    • First name, Last name, Phone number, Email address, and Permanent address.
    • Current college/university name, student ID number, and current grade point average.
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