Hillman Entrepreneurs Program

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Scholarship Description

The Hillman Entrepreneurs Program seeks students with entrepreneurial potential. Students who have an entrepreneurial mindset and who have already demonstrated real-life business experiences or who have ideas that show promise for future entrepreneurial endeavors are encouraged to join this unique program. In addition, entrepreneurs who show promise of becoming future leaders within existing organizations are a strong fit for this program. The goal of the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program is to graduate ethical leaders who will become successful in the communities they came from, who will energize those communities and will have positive economic impact on the local economy.

Characteristics that describe Hillman students include determination, motivation, creativity, persistence and the potential for ethical leadership. Students that demonstrate characteristics that can lead to entrepreneurial success in their daily lives and show a potential for both academic and entrepreneurial success are encouraged to apply.

Hillman Entrepreneurs also demonstrate adherence to the program values that encourage ethics in all business dealings and in every element of their lives as well as the understanding of the importance of giving back to the communities that have made them successful through community service, and to this program and its future students.

What it Means to Be a Hillman Entrepreneur at Prince George's Community College:

• Receive a scholarship for up to 100% of tuition and fees. • Receive one-on-one advising and mentoring. • Develop entrepreneurial/leadership skills. • Be a member of a group of aspiring entrepreneurs. • Have summer job opportunities. • Earn an associate’s degree from Prince George's Community College (PGCC).

How you Continue as a Hillman Entrepreneur at University of Maryland, College Park:

• Receive a scholarship for up to 64% of tuition and a $1,000 merit scholarship. • Receive one-on-one advising and mentoring. • Continue to develop entrepreneurial/leadership skills. • Build business ideas with the help of on-site mentors. • Earn a bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP).

Selection Criteria

Students selected to be Hillman Entrepreneurs demonstrate:

• An entrepreneurial mindset • Potential for becoming a successful entrepreneur or leader within a larger organization • Ability to be successful academically and graduate from PGCC and ultimately from UMCP

Program Requirements: • Students must be Maryland residents (U.S. citizens or permanent residents) working on their first bachelor's degree. • Students must be eligible to enroll at PGCC and taking college-level classes. • Students must be in program of study which transfers to UMCP (pre-law not eligible) • Students must be available the required Hillman course during the day each semester. • Students must be committed to additional programmatic and team-building activities.

To Apply for Admission:

• Download an application from http://academic.pgcc.edu/hillman/ • Complete the application information form , • Answer the short essay questions, • Attach a resume or list of work experience, and • For students who have not attended PGCC for at least two semesters, fax high school or college transcripts PLUS a letter of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor or professional reference.

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