TESOL Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

TESOL Canada's DORA Award supports the completion of In-Class or Online TESOL Studies in an approved TESOL Canada or TESOL USA institution in Canada. Applicants from all countries may qualify for this online study grant. In Canada & the U.S.A. DORA can cover the total tuition costs for qualified applicants.

The DORA grant supports faculty research within TC's distinctive program areas, which include Online TESOL & ESL Studies; Social Justice, Common Good in Education Equilibrium, Peace Studies; Language Education aiding Employment in Developing Countries, Teaching English to Children of Minorities, Teaching Languages to Autistic Children, Teaching Methodologies, and Community Learning Services. What's more, DORA is provided before your research begins. You shall complete your research as part of your Research Project during your TESOL studies supervised by a TESOL Canada Faculty member.

Sources are limited, and we encourage you to apply today.

Requirements to apply:

For TESOL Foundation Certificate- 150 hours: IELTS 7.0 and a High School Diploma. For TESOL Advanced Certificate- 300 hours: IELTS 7.5 and a Bachelor's Degree/ or at least Two Years of College Studies. For TESOL Diploma- 450 hours: IELTS 7.5, Bachelor's Degree and at least One Year of Teaching Experience.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact TESOL Canada's Administration.

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