Together Going Higher Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

This scholarship is dedicated to supporting individuals on the front lines of Christian ministry by providing financial aid to ministry professionals and students preparing for a career in ministry. Funded by the "going higher" donors, it aims to empower aspiring ministry leaders through educational scholarships, ensuring direct allocation of funds to this mission. The scholarship offers $500 to selected applicants, contributing to their growth and the establishment of new churches, furthering the advancement of Christ's mission.

Scholarship Details

  • Financial support for individuals in Christian ministry
  • Educational scholarships for aspiring ministry leaders
  • Each scholarship amount is $500
  • Funds directly deposited into school accounts
  • 100% of donations are tax-deductible
  • No administrative costs deducted from funds

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be on the ministerial track, planning a career in Christian ministry
  • Current involvement in a local church required

Application Process

  1. Provide your student account number and the address of your financial aid office
  2. Submit a current testimony of your faith in Christ
  3. Detail your vision for your future ministry
  4. Include details of your present involvement in a local church
  5. Provide at least one personal reference contact number

We have enjoyed hearing from our scholarship recipients as we have been able to assist and encourage them as they pursue Christian ministry. The scholarship funds go directly to their school account. We also have been able to provide assistance to those who are planting new churches. Scholarship Search