Admiral Ronald J. Hays Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Admiral Ronald J. Hays’ life and career are a testament to how one can rise from a modest beginning and through hard work and dedication achieve great success while serving one’s nation. His military career included service as a test pilot and more than 160 combat missions over North Vietnam. Admiral Hays was promoted to increasing senior assignments including Carrier Group Commander, Commander in Chief of US Naval Forces Europe, Vice Chief of Naval Operations and in 1985, appointment as Commander in Chief Pacific Forces (CINCPAC) known today as U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. He retired from the Navy in 1988 and began a long-standing involvement in community service. He was particularly proud of serving as the Chairman of Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum for many years and was instrumental in the Museum’s growth.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship within the endowment of Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
  • Fund provides perpetual support for academic and skills development
  • Flight training is the primary focus of scholarship awards

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all qualified applicants
  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership, patriotism, and community service
  • Primary focus on those pursuing flight training
  • Preference given to individuals from Louisiana and Hawaii

Application Process

  1. Ensure eligibility based on the criteria
  2. Submit a comprehensive application highlighting leadership and service
  3. Emphasize the intention to pursue flight training in the application

Established within the endowment of Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, the interest from this fund in perpetuity will be distributed to young people who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, patriotism and service to their community. Scholarship awards will be applied to support academic and/or skills development with flight training as primary focus. Though open to all, preference will be given to qualified applicants from Louisiana and Hawaii. Dollar amounts for this scholarship will vary. Scholarship Search