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Scholarship Description

The Career Choice program is uniquely designed for associates interested in learning about and pursuing a future at Amazon — or elsewhere. It helps fund tuition for associates looking to complete a high school diploma, GED, and Bachelor's degree. Career Choice also provides funding for associates studying aircraft mechanics, welding, medical billing, nursing, and other fields. Career Choice covers numerous categories, such as "pathways" (education and job training to help employees find a new job at Amazon or elsewhere), "foundations" and "college" (education options that allow employees to start or continue earning college credit towards a degree).

At Amazon, we believe in creating paths to career success through education and learning new skills. The Career Choice Program covers hundreds of Amazon-approved schools across 14 countries. This programs covers a range of options, from foundational skills like English language to career pathways and college credit programs. We pre-pay tuition and reimburse books and fees up to an annual maximum with no lifetime limit. Scholarship Search