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Knoji Corporate Responsibility & Brand Values Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

At Knoji, we are on a mission to promote positive brand values and support companies that strive to make a meaningful impact on their communities. Join us in celebrating these brands by participating in our scholarship challenge!

About Knoji: As a leading consumer knowledge site, we believe in fostering transparency among brands to empower consumers to make informed and ethical buying decisions. We encourage brands to openly communicate their values, and we invite you to share your favorite brand that embodies the values you admire.

Scholarship Challenge Details:

Topic: Share Your Favorite Brand Making a Positive Impact

Submission Medium: Create a short TikTok or YouTube video (preferably around 2-3 minutes) showcasing your favorite brand, their values, and the positive impact they are making.

Video Content:

1. Brand Identification: • Introduce the brand, its location, and the products or services it provides.

2. Positive Impact: • Explain how the brand is making a difference and highlight its core values.

3. Personal Connection: • Share why the brand's mission is meaningful to you personally. • Optionally, share a story or personal anecdote illustrating your connection to the brand's mission.

4. Recommendation: • Convey why others should consider buying from this brand. Submission Deadline: October 31, 2023

Scholarship Recipient Announcement: November 14th

How to Participate:

1. Create your video addressing the points mentioned above. 2. Share your video on TikTok or YouTube with the hashtag #KnojiImpactScholarship. 3. Submit your video link via the scholarship submission form on our website by the deadline.

Inspiration from Past Scholarship Recipients: Check out videos from previous scholarship recipients at the bottom of this page for inspiration on how to structure your submission.

Join us in promoting positive brand values and making the world a better place through your favorite brand. We look forward to learning about the brands that inspire you and selecting our Fall scholarship recipient! Scholarship Search