Niche College Scholarship

USMA Blake Family Metric Awards

March 31, 2024
Awards Available: 4

Scholarship Description

The USMA, in collaboration with Dr. Tom Kevlin and Dr. Don Jordan, offer two awards on a yearly basis. Previously, these awards were sponsored by the Blake Family Foundation. Yearly winners since 2017 are announced in the USMA’s newsletter Metric Today. Funding for these awards is provided by Dr. Tom Kevlin and Dr. Don Jordan in an effort to help increase metric awareness and usage in the US. The Metric Scholarship Award is offered to US high school seniors who want to pursue an undergraduate degree. The Non-Student Metric Award is for US non-student (US government, K-12 educators, academia, industry, professional) applicants.

All judging and final decisions of awards are the sole responsibility of the USMA. Only awardees will be contacted by email. All other applicants are encouraged to visit the USMA website to view the award status. Non-student applicants are not eligible to be a first place winner two years in a row. Winners and the top finalists will receive free USMA membership for one year, which includes the Metric Today newsletter. Winners’ names and cities will be used in USMA’s award announcements and future promotions. Applications run from January 1 until the due date. Scholarship Search