THEA Foundation Scholarships

Deadline Varies
Awards Available: 30

Scholarship Description

THEA scholarships are awarded solely on talent, never on test scores, GPAs or intent to major in the arts. That means that whether you want to be a ballet dancer or a biochemist, your THEA scholarship is applicable. Your scholarship will travel to any college you attend, but if you choose to attend one of our more than 20 education partners, including every four-year college and many two-year colleges in Arkansas, your scholarship could be matched with thousands of more dollars in scholarship money.

Furthermore, Thea scholarships are open to all Arkansas high school seniors from public, private and charter schools, homeschooled seniors and those seeking their GED, but please read our rules and regulations carefully to be sure you qualify. THEA Foundation's scholarship competition is completely online! With health and safety top of mind as well as our desire to make our competitions more accessible statewide, we are pleased to offer our scholarship opportunities in a completely digital format. Scholarship categories include visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, slam poetry, fashion design, and film. Scholarship Search