Niche College Scholarship

The Joseph M. Fannell Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship

April 30, 2024
Awards Available: 2

Scholarship Description

Through its Scholarships and Grant the Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation hopes to be able to meet a portion of the financial need of those young people who are pursuing a career in the Creative and Performing Arts. For those interested in applying for a scholarship or grant, applications are open from February 11th and will remain open until April 30th, the deadline for submission.

Applicants must be a graduating senior from any High School nationwide and submit an official transcript. Applicants must be enrolled in a degree program in an accredited U.S. institution of higher learning during the academic year following the application date. Applicants must submit a signed and completed application along with an essay, and all required supporting documentation. Applicants must show a demonstrated interest in either the creative and/or performing arts. Applicants must submit a letter of acceptance and enrollment at their college or university. JMF will award two $2,000 scholarships (one for the creative arts, one for the performing arts) in June. The recipients will receive $1,000 for the fall semester and $1,000 for the spring semester upon supplying documentation that they are a student in good standing at their college or university.

On June 4, 2015, Joseph M. Fannell was on his way to work when a driver ran a red light and struck his car broadside; he died from injuries suffered in the crash the following day. Although Joseph found enjoyment “working among lawyers,” Joseph’s passion was spoken word and performance-based poetry, an interest he first developed in high school. Joseph was known to go around to various classes reciting favorites pieces he had heard before his classmates and peers. The Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Foundation was established in the wake of Joseph’s death to continue his life and memory by creating and supporting programs to help young people overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Scholarship Search