Niche College Scholarship

International Essay Competition

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Scholarship Description

At Avernus Education, we are thrilled to provide a platform for young minds to showcase their prowess in Medicine, Engineering, Law, Economics, Psychology, History and Politics. These varied subject categories underscore the importance of interdisciplinary study, a crucial foundation for future leaders in our increasingly interconnected world.

Scholarship Details

  • Exclusive Avernus Education Scholarship worth over £5000
  • Free entrance to our exclusive summer camp at Oxford University for winners
  • 5 hours worth of Credits for Avernus Education courses, conferences, and tutoring services for Outstanding Runners Up

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to students showcasing expertise in diverse subjects
  • Winners receive a 100% Scholarship Award to the Oxford University Summer Programme
  • All shortlisted entries receive partial scholarships or credits for online courses

Application Process

  1. Choose your subject category: Medicine, Engineering, Law, Economics, Psychology, History, or Politics
  2. Dive deep into your chosen subject and craft an insightful essay
  3. Submit your essay for a chance to win scholarships and global recognition

Why should you participate? This competition not only offers the chance to win scholarships but also provides a platform to showcase your knowledge, boost your academic profile, and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, it opens doors to networking opportunities with fellow students, educators, and professionals in the field. Be part of the Avernus Alumni network and receive invitations to future conferences and events. Seize this chance to illuminate your intellect and make a lasting impact on your academic journey. Scholarship Search