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Jorge Mas Canosa Freedom Foundation Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

In 1996, the Mas family established a scholarship fund whose purpose is to advance the education of talented young Cuban and Cuban American men and women, furthering their commitment to promoting the benefits and opportunities that can be garnered through hard work in a free society. Since its establishment, over 200 students have been able to obtain a college education thanks to the Mas Family Scholarships, making it the largest scholarship program for students of Cuban descent.

Many of these students have gone on to become leaders in their respective communities, reflecting the potential of what individuals can achieve given the freedom and opportunity to do so. The Mas Family Scholarships are an initiative of the Jorge Mas Canosa Freedom Foundation, whose mission is the advancement and preservation of Jorge Mas Canosa’s legacy: love of God, family and homeland; the dignity of human life; the ideals of freedom and democracy; and the education of future generations in the appreciation of these ideals.

Students are eligible to apply for a Mas Family Scholarship if they were born in Cuba or are of direct Cuban descent, have a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, are considered financially needy (as determined by a specific formula that takes into account the applicant and their family’s financial situation in terms of how much they can contribute), and complete and submit their application with all other required materials by the specified date. Dollar amounts for this scholarship will vary. Scholarship Search