Niche College Scholarship

Rise Global Program

January 17, 2025
Awards Available: 100

Scholarship Description

Rise is not just a program but a global community committed to identifying and empowering young individuals, providing opportunities for collaboration and lifelong service. Founded on the belief in the transformative power of collective action, Rise aims to unleash the potential of talented youth worldwide.

Scholarship Details

  • Discover and nurture talent globally.
  • Build a network of exceptional individuals addressing humanity's challenges.
  • Lifelong commitment to service, learning, and positive impact.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 17 at the time of application.
  • Must be plannning to attend college following high school graduation.

Application Process

  1. Create a profile with Rise
  2. Question 1: Aspirations
  3. Question 2: Overcoming Challenges
  4. Tell us about yourself

Submit Your Project: Demonstrate your talents and benefit your community by developing a project. Identify your topic, research it, design a plan, execute that plan, and reflect on your work.

  1. Plan your project focus & research
  2. Describe your design and project goals
  3. Show evidence of what you did
  4. Summarize what you’ve accomplished

Complete Two Assessments: Showcase a different side of your brilliance by taking quizzes and playing logic games. You will also have an opportunity to review other projects with a peer review.

  1. Take a quiz
  2. Play an online strategy game

Review Projects: Review the projects of at least three peers to help us identify others doing interesting and inspiring work. Submit reviews by the due date for your application to be considered complete.

Each year, we select up to 100 Rise Global Winners and provide them with access to benefits that last a lifetime as they work to serve others. Apply today to join our thriving community! Scholarship Search