Campaign Pay It Forward Scholarships

March 30, 2025
Awards Available: 5

Scholarship Description

We are thrilled to offer on-going scholarship or scholarships for Campaign Pay it Forward to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in providing care in an emergency. Campaign Pay it Forward additionally provides courses in Stop the Bleed, Scouting, CPR AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support, TACMED, Lifeguard Training, Babysitting, Water safety, SERV Safe, Wilderness First Aid and Instructor Courses such as ACLS, PALS, CPR, Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support.

The Campaign Pay it Forward offers scholarships for eligible students for financial aid, academic achievement and grants for classes. If you can’t find scholarships through a scholarship search or scholarship matches through an outside scholarship provider, potential students can contact us with the general information surrounding your request for funding and we will respond.

Our scholarship program will allow access to classes for parents, family, friends, military personnel, high school students and other qualified persons in order to complete our life skills classes. A scholarship or financial aid for students will be decided upon by our scholarship department. Money for partial or full financial aid may be attributed to your class, directly to the school or schools that sponsor the Campaign Pay it Forward program.

Part of our campaign’s concept and mission lends its goals to providing assistance to the community and the bettering of the human condition. The more classes taken in First Aid, CPR and other essential classes are strong skills for everyone's common knowledge base and why we offer these programs. A Scholarship or scholarships offer aid or direct money to a qualified student that goes directly towards the tuition of the school offering the program. Our scholarship and scholarships offering will direct a student to the resources that will assist their enrollment and the costs associated with their class. Scholarship Search