Niche College Scholarship

Fayetteville Friends Peace Scholarship

March 31, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The $1,000 scholarship is intended to encourage and support high school seniors in building skills of nonviolent means to eliminate war, poverty, inequality, intolerance and climate injustice. Complete information regarding this scholarship is available at our website. To be eligible, the applicant must live in Washington County (Arkansas) or be a family member of someone who attends Fayetteville Friends Meeting (Quakers). The scholarship can support college, technical school or other post-high school education. We encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds.

Applicants will be assessed for their interest in and commitment to nonviolent conflict resolution and/or community involvement. Examples include, but are not limited to, involvement in social justice issues; providing for the needy; domestic violence intervention and support; counseling and support for alternatives to military service; environmental activism; support for immigrants and immigrant rights; and human rights work. Applicants will submit an application that includes a 600-word essay that demonstrates support for nonviolent ideals and commitment shown to these. Applicants must submit two references that include their name, relationship, phone number, and email. These may be a teacher, a community member, volunteer/work supervisor, coach, spiritual leader, etc. but not an immediate family member. These individuals may be contacted by the Scholarship Committee. Deadline is March 31. The completed application with the typed 600-word essay may be completed and submitted on-line, or mailed via postal mail.

Members of FFM Scholarship Committee will decide who will receive the scholarship. The committee will inform the meeting and applicants of its decision. Upon notification of the scholarship award, the recipient will be invited to present their essay to FFM. After the scholarship year, the recipient will be invited again to give a report to FFM regarding their activities supported by this scholarship. Scholarship Search