Niche College Scholarship

Victoria Soto Memorial Scholarship

May 1, 2024
Awards Available: 4

Scholarship Description

The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship, based in Stratford, Connecticut, is a significant opportunity that awards a renewable four-year scholarship worth $12,000. Each year, a dedicated scholarship committee selects four deserving recipients.

Scholarship Details:

• Two of the scholarships are exclusively allocated to our local high schools in Stratford, CT. • Furthermore, The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship has expanded its reach to honor exceptional students both statewide within Connecticut and nationally. • This extended scholarship offers one recipient from Connecticut and another from across the country the chance to receive a renewable scholarship, also valued at $12,000.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for this prestigious scholarship, applicants should meet the following criteria:

• Enroll in a college degree program at an accredited university with a focus on education. • Demonstrate excellence in academics, displaying a strong commitment to their studies. • Showcase involvement in extracurricular activities, highlighting a well-rounded commitment to personal growth. • Exhibit leadership skills that set them apart as role models in their communities. • Embody the spirit of living, laughing, and loving life and education, akin to the essence that Vicki Soto embodied.

The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship is not just a financial aid opportunity; it's a chance to carry forward the legacy of someone who lived life with passion and dedicated herself to education. Join us in celebrating Vicki's spirit by pursuing your educational aspirations through this scholarship. Scholarship Search