Niche College Scholarship

Utom Conservation Fund

October 15, 2024
Awards Available: 10

Scholarship Description

The Utom Conservation Fund is managed by a consortium of groups* that are dedicated to protecting the Utom River and its watershed in southern California. We are passionate about the region, its wildlife, culture, botany and waters. In an effort to further protections and interest for this remarkable landscape we are dedicating a portion of our funds to graduate students that share our passion for the natural world and the cultural integrity of the area. 4 grants in the amount of $12,500 will be awarded.

In our unwavering dedication to this remarkable environment, we have embarked on a mission to not only enhance protections but also cultivate interest and enthusiasm for the Utom River watershed. To achieve this, a portion of our funds has been earmarked to support the next generation of environmental stewards and champions. We firmly believe that the future of this pristine region lies in the hands of those who share our profound passion for the natural world and the cultural legacy embedded within it.

Eligibility criteria for these fellowships include:

• Enrollment in a master's or Ph.D. degree program at an accredited college or university (applicants from out of state institutions are also welcome).

• A research or project focus directly related to the Utom River Watershed.

• The research or project must fall within one of the following categories: Cultural, Wildlife, Water Quality, or Botany.

• Special consideration will be given to tribal members, including those from unrecognized tribes, further emphasizing the importance of preserving the cultural heritage intertwined with this landscape.

By offering these fellowships, the Utom Conservation Fund aims to empower and support the academic pursuits of promising scholars and researchers who share our deep-seated commitment to the Utom River watershed. Together, we endeavor to preserve the natural beauty, cultural significance, and ecological integrity of this extraordinary region for generations to come. For detailed application instructions and additional information, please visit our website. Join us in our mission to safeguard the Utom River and its legacy for a brighter, sustainable future. Scholarship Search