Tommy Tranchin Award

April 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The Tommy Tranchin Award was established at The Dallas Foundation to support students with physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities who have shown promise or passion in a chosen field of interest. Tommy’s family wants to recognize his creativity and adventurous spirit by helping other young people with disabilities develop their own talents and explore new opportunities. Please note that the Tommy Tranchin Award is not intended to offset costs associated with obtaining a college or university degree. Instead, the award is intended to support creative projects, performances, training activities, and participation in workshops, seminars and competitions. Creative proposals for new work are especially encouraged.

Applicant must be a student in North Texas in grade level 8 – 12 and have a physical, emotional or intellectual disability. Must want to participate in an activity that will help strengthen skills in your particular area of interest. In order to apply for an award, an applicant must submit an application, including a letter of recommendation. Each applicant must propose an activity that will promote their personal development in their particular field of interest. In addition, this activity must begin on or after June 1st. Awards will be given annually. In cases in which the applicant proposes to attend an institution or program, confirmation of the student’s enrollment will be required. Applicants may also request funds for travel, equipment and other related expenses. After completing the proposed activity, award recipients will be required to submit a final report with an account of how the award funds were spent. Scholarship Search