The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship


May 01, 2024

Awards Available: 4

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  • The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to qualified students seeking to further their education by attending college. The amount of the scholarship is up to $5,000. At least four scholarships will be awarded. To be eligible, students must have one or more disabilities, including, but not limited to physical conditions (spinal cord injury, loss of limb, birth defects, etc.) and psychological conditions (autism, post- traumatic stress etc.). Scholarship recipients must be able to provide proof of disability with letter of confirmation by a physician, and must be a US citizen residing in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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ZENIYA H  on 1/25/2023 8:10:36 AM

Hi my name is ZENIYA Harrison I have an immune deficiency disorder because of my red and white blood cells that Aare trying to attack my heart , with hospital bills and much more this will help me further my education in college now that I will be graduating Highschool on may 25th 2023 .

Hanna M  on 1/8/2023 2:43:15 AM

Hello, My name is Hanna and I am a highschool junior; I was wondering where I could go to register for the scholarship.

Breanna K  on 11/27/2022 12:06:28 PM

This scholarship would help me so much

Jordyn G  on 2/12/2021 10:38:00 AM

I am a freshman at Hanover college. I have worked so hard to be here. I suffer from bipolar disorder. It has had a huge impact on all aspects of my life. I have had a hard time even socializing and behaving normally in social settings. I have had a lot of therapy and have taken many different medications to try and help. I go through extreme bouts of depression that can last from one week to months. It is a struggle for me to even have the motivation to get out of bed and shower. I have worked so hard to function normally and live my best life. It is very hard to control my emotions. Bipolar Disorder affects me every single day.

Todd Woods  on 1/25/2021 6:15:30 PM

Hello my name is Todd Woods age 55, in 2001 I was diagnosed with Bi polar disorder and anxiety disorder. I am applying for the scholarship to further my education. I am going to attend Pennsylvania Highlands College in Johnstown, PA. I have been on SSDI since 2003. I was working as a pizza maker part time for the last 1 and a 1/2 years. I want to continue my education so I can help take care of my fiance who in 2007 was critical injured in a near fatal car accident in which she suffered a brain injury.

Brooke M  on 1/21/2021 9:09:01 AM

Hi, my name is Brooke Mainor and I am currently a senior in high school. During my freshman year of high school, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. When I found out I was diagnosed my whole life changed. My erratic blood sugars affected my academics tremendously. Because of my situation, I’ve had a hard time getting accepted into colleges. Even though I’m a straight A student now, my freshman year grades are still taking a huge toll on my future academic career.

Matthew Sipes  on 1/20/2021 2:05:55 PM

I am a high school senior with Autism/ADHD ...I have struggled all my life with social interactions and not being included. I have always been athletic and have had some coaching mentors thru my preferred sports of bowling, swimming, track and obstacle course racing that have helped me excel, believe in myself and overcome many obstacles. My hope is to go to college for a degree in exercise science, and then get certified as a personal trainer for kids with autism and other disabilities so that they can overcome their obstacles through strength and conditioning as I have. Because my parents have always been so supportive of my interests, I am hoping to receive this scholarship to help them with the financial burden of college especially during this time of the pandemic that has affected both their jobs. Thank you!

Jessica Sage  on 11/27/2020 12:23:13 PM

I am a senior working on my BA in Psychology to help people with mental illnesses and coping through trauma. I have Arnold Chiari malformation and cold urticaria (autoimmune response). Both of these conditions affect me on a daily basis and my quality of life, but I try my hardest to be positive influence to many. This reward would help me tremendously help pay for my last year in college. After this year, I will have to have brain surgery which will cost an immense amount. I have to save money in any way I can so I can keep my health a priority.

Kailey J  on 11/6/2020 2:10:43 PM

Hi my name is Kailey Johnston. I am applying for this scholarship because I have had some tough medical journeys in my life that I had to overcome. When I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with PVNS. I had to have it surgically removed and required physical therapy. My freshman year of high school I was diagnosed with absence epilepsy. I struggled to focus a lot in school and some kids made fun of me. My one teacher even asked if everything was all right at home. I still ended my freshman year with a 4.0 GPA, but it was a lot of hard work. Winning this scholarship would mean so much to me because I have had so many ups and downs in my medical journey, side affects of medications. But to know that I have finally over come this and that I can go to college to be a physicians assistant would be huge.

Isabella S  on 10/29/2020 9:12:55 AM

Hi, my name is is Isabella. I have been diagnosed with Factor Seven Deficiency, and Von Willebrand's Disease. I have PTSD from many past traumas. I have joint issues that happened because of my hemophilia disorders. My mother is a single-parent of seven kids(only four who still live at home) we have struggled a lot in the past, and I will be paying my tuition on my own. I am very excited for this scholarship even if I was to not receive it, I think it is amazing what you all are doing for these kids.

Juliette Boivin  on 10/9/2020 1:24:20 AM

Hello, My name is Juliette. I was born with Glaucoma which effects my vision in my eyes. I was born with my left eye legally blind. I have gone through numerous surgeries throughout my life to protect my right eye. I plan on attending college and studying to become a Pediatric Nurse. I have worked so hard in school to get to where I want to be in life. I am determined and strong, I plan on giving back and helping those in need one day. Thank you.

Eva brodeur  on 5/20/2020 5:08:55 PM

I'm a incoming freshman in college with spina-bifida and I been through the ringer with surgeries so this scholarships would help me out tremendously

Eva brodeur  on 5/20/2020 5:08:23 PM

I'm a incoming freshman in college with spina-bifida and I been through the ringer with surgeries so this scholarships would help me out tremendously

Heaven M  on 5/19/2020 11:58:40 AM

Applying for this scholarship will help me in so many ways as I prepare for my freshman year of college to become a nurse. Living with my depression and anxiety disability I would love nothing more than the opportunity to help others like myself. Me becoming a nurse is important and this scholarship can help me this year. -Thank you

Brice Reitenbach  on 4/25/2020 6:40:57 PM

I am very excited for myself as an kid growing up as a adult who has autism and asperger's syndrome as a kid from a single parent home for now as the oldest kid in my family.

Linda L  on 4/14/2020 9:19:52 PM

I have Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and this scholarship would help me out greatly so I can focus less on having to pay for school (as a current University Freshman) and more on my treatments!

Ariana A  on 4/11/2020 7:54:43 PM

I would like to apply for this scholarship to raise awareness for Spina Bifida patients. I had surgery when I was 2 years old - the doctors told me I may not be able to walk again. Now, I run; I am a senior in high school, a varsity athlete, and plan to keep striving and beating the odds as I did throughout life.

Dawn E  on 2/26/2020 10:41:41 PM

I am very excited for my daughter to apply for the scholarship. She is a freshman in college and has spina bifida. Good luck to all the applicants! Thank you for making this gift for some well deserving applicants!

Nysiah M  on 2/23/2020 10:57:42 AM

This scholarship will be very helpful to me to become a nurse with my disability. I’ve struggled through so much and would love to pay it back by helping someone else just like me by becoming a nurse.

Frances D  on 2/16/2020 8:09:39 PM

We r grandparents of our grandaughter who lost both parents and has epilepsy we donot know where get help for college,she is honor roll student graduating this year....

Alexis Graybill  on 2/8/2020 12:21:06 PM

I want to apply for this scholarship because I have ptsd from watching my father die infront of me when I was 12 and I was also recently diagnosed with celiac disease.

Francesca D  on 1/9/2020 1:19:08 PM

What is your fax number to fax the application