Obadiah Joel McCarthy Memorial Scholarship

March 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

Purpose: To provide scholarships to deserving youth that are in need of financial assistance, are actively supporting the community in which they live and show an eagerness to achieve knowledge by intending to pursue post-high school course of study at either an accredited college/university or other accredited post-secondary educational institution.

Scholarship Details

  • Provides educational scholarships to first-year students
  • Focus on increasing organ donation and diabetes awareness
  • Named in honor of Obadiah Jo’el McCarthy, who faced health challenges

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to high school graduates entering accredited programs
  • Applicants should demonstrate strength, determination, and commitment
  • Preference for those exemplifying qualities observed in Obadiah Jo’el McCarthy

Application Process

  1. Review scholarship details and eligibility criteria
  2. Prepare required documents, including a statement highlighting determination and commitment
  3. Submit the application online by the specified deadline
  4. Qualified applicants may be contacted for additional information or interviews

We would love for the world to help keep his memory alive and bring awareness to Chronic Kidney Disease and Type 1 Diabetes, while also providing help to those in need of educational financial support. Our organization seeks to identify high school graduates who exemplify the same strength and determination traits that we all saw in Obadiah. These traits include: a strong sense of friendship and commitment to succeeding despite all adversities he faced.

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