Ohio Scholarships

Scholarship Title Amount Due Date
ALCOA Fund Scholarship Varies 03/15/2022
Arnold W. Fritz Scholarship $1,000 03/01/2022
Ashland University Esports Scholarship $4,000 Varies
ASM Canton-Massillon Chapter Freshman Scholarship $2,000 05/08/2022
AWS Donald F Hastings Scholarship $2,500 03/01/2022
AWS John C. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship $14,000 02/15/2022
AWS William B. Howell Memorial Scholarship $2,500 03/01/2022
BECA, Inc. Edna R. Anthony Memorial Scholarship $1,000 03/31/2022
Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program for High School Seniors $10,000 03/08/2022
Case Western Theater Scholarship Varies 01/15/2023
CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship $3,000 04/30/2022
CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship $3,000 04/30/2022
Chaffin Luhana Foundation Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship Essay Contest $2,500 07/31/2022
Chicago Occupational Therapy Varies Varies
College of Wooster Clarence Beecher Allen Scholarship $37,000 Varies
College of Wooster College Scholar Award $37,000 01/15/2023
College of Wooster Covenant Scholarships $3,000 01/01/2023
College of Wooster Music Scholarships Varies Varies
College of Wooster Performing Arts Scholarship $8,000 11/15/2022
College of Wooster Scottish Arts Scholarships $8,000 Varies
DMCSP Scholarship $5,000 Varies
Felbry College of Nursing $7,500 Scholarship $7,500 08/01/2022
Global Connections Grant Varies Varies
Gordon Paesani Scholarship $1,000 09/15/2022
GRCF Dr. William E. and Norma Sprague Scholarship Varies 03/01/2022
Heidelberg University Music Scholarship Varies 03/01/2022
Heidelberg University Grant Varies Varies
Heidelberg University Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship $1,000 Varies
Heidelberg University Transfer Academic Award $14,000 Varies
Heidelberg University UCC Grant $4,000 Varies
Heidelberg University UCC Ministerial Grant $2,000 Varies
International Academic Achievement Scholarship $60,000 Varies
International Academic Opportunity Scholarship $13,000 Varies
International Student Grant $2,000 Varies
Iota Sigma Pi BP Scholarship Varies 03/31/2022
James T. and Rose M. Perryman Family Foundation Scholarship $15,000 03/31/2022
Jared E. Banta Legacy Scholarship Varies 03/04/2022
Jeffire Wrestling Scholarship Varies Varies
Jody Stowers Scholarship $1,000 05/07/2022
John H. Rosemond, Sr. M.D. Scholarship Fund Varies 02/01/2022
John Pirelli Lodge Italian American Scholarship $1,000 10/15/2022
Joseph Potochny Scholarship Varies 02/01/2022
Kent State University Esports Scholarship Varies Varies
Lake Erie College Twins Scholarship Varies Varies
Miami University (OH) Merit Scholarships $36,000 12/01/2022
Miami University National Merit Scholarships $2,500 Varies
NAAMLP Land Reclamation Scholarship $2,500 05/31/2022
Norfolk Southern Foundation Scholarship $1,000 12/10/2022
OAWWA Graduate/Adult Continuing Education Degree Scholarship $4,000 02/05/2022
OAWWA Undergraduate Advanced Degree Scholarship $4,000 02/05/2022
ODU International Work-Study Award $2,000 Varies
Ohio College Opportunity Grant Varies 10/01/2022
Ohio EPA Scholarship $5,000 04/15/2022
Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Ohio Newspaper Association University Journalism Scholarships $1,250 03/31/2022
Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Foundation Scholarships $1,000 05/07/2022
Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Ohio Township Association Scholarship $1,500 01/28/2023
Ohio University Women’s Club of Greater Cleveland Freshman Scholarship Varies 02/06/2022
Ohio War Orphan & Severely Disabled Veterans' Children Scholarship Varies 07/01/2022
One AWWA Operator Scholarship $2,000 02/05/2022
Richland County Foundation Gregory VanScyoc Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies 04/01/2022
Samuel Robinson Award $7,500 Varies
Sullivan-Deackard Scholars Opportunity Program Varies 03/01/2022
Synod of the Trinity Presbyterian Scholarship Fund $1,200 04/30/2022
Targeting Excellence Scholarships $2,000 04/02/2022
The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund $20,000 05/02/2022
The Balanced Man Scholarship at Cleveland State University $1,000 08/15/2022
The Harold K. Douthit Regional Scholarship $1,000 05/15/2022
The Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Scholarship $6,000 06/12/2022
The Ohio State Buckeye Opportunity Program Varies Varies
The Ohio State President’s Affordability Grant $2,250 Varies
The Virginia Budge Award for the Creative and Performing Arts $500 04/16/2022
Therapy Materials Vault Varies Varies
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Varies Varies
UNCF General Scholarship $5,000 04/24/2022
University of Akron - Myers School of Art Scholarships Varies Varies
University of Akron Varsity Esports Scholarship $5,000 Varies
University of Cincinnati Balanced Man Scholarship $4,000 05/31/2022
University of Mount Union Esports Scholarship Varies Varies
Vietnamese Academic Excellence Award $2,000 Varies
WACE National Co-op Scholarship Program Varies 02/15/2022
Wilmington College Quaker Award $2,500 03/01/2022
Wisconsin Architects Foundation Out-of-State Study Scholarship $1,500 05/15/2022
WSU Hungarian Ancestry Scholarship $1,500 10/09/2022
WSU Polatajko Family Scholarship for Students of Eastern European Descent $500 10/23/2022
Zagunis Student Leadership Scholarship Varies 11/30/2022
Scholarships.com Spring Madness Scholarship