Herb Society of America Research Grant

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Scholarship Description

In 1933, seven women friends (six lived in Boston and one spent summers in New England) were keenly interested in learning more about herb botany and horticulture. The group decided to form a society whose intent and purpose was the study and research of herbs. The Society continues to fulfill its mission to provide information and resources to members and the public in the cultivation, use and delight of herbs through its publications, educational programs, library and website. Throughout their generosity, the Society offers financial aid.

Scholarship Details

  • Grant Amount: The Research Grant Program offers an annual grant of $10,000 to support small-scale research projects focused on herbs.
  • Research Focus: Projects should investigate the historical uses of herbs for flavoring, medicine, economic purposes, industrial applications, or cosmetics.
  • Knowledge Enhancement: The grant aims to contribute significantly to the body of knowledge in the field of herbal studies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Research Scope: Applicants should propose self-contained research projects with a clear focus on herbs.
  • Grant Period: The grant is designed to support short-term research projects.

Application Process

  1. Application Period: Grant applications are accepted annually, starting on January 1st and closing on January 31st.
  2. Submission Details: All questions and application submissions should be directed to [email protected].

The purpose of the Research Grant Program is to further the knowledge and use of herbs. This grant supports the research of the horticultural, scientific, and/or medicinal use of herbs throughout history. Research must define an herb as historically useful for flavoring, medicine, economic, industrial, or cosmetic purposes and have the potential to significantly increase the knowledge of the field. This grant is intended to support small, self-contained research projects over a short period of time. Only U.S. residents may apply. Applications run from January 1 until the due date.

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