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JSU Alabama Four Year Communications Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Four Year Communications Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship for communications majors at JSU Alabama.

Students may qualify for more than one institutionally funded award at JSU. Should this occur, the student would be allowed to select any combination of awards that would be most beneficial to the student. Under no circumstances will multiple institutional awards result in a cash payment to the student.

Students will receive notification of the status of their application around May 1st.

The following are suggestions to assist in applying:

• Students must be admitted to Jacksonville State University before receiving a scholarship. • Students applying for scholarships which require specific ACT/SAT scores and GPA must submit verification of ACT/SAT test scores, official high school transcript, and their JSU Scholarship Application. This must be received by February 1. • If both ACT and SAT scores are available, please provide both scores. • All scholarships are for one year unless otherwise specified. • All applicants must provide a street address. • All scholarship applicants will be notified by mail. • No results will be given over the telephone.

The deadline for application is February 1. Scholarship Search