Proffitt Brewer Scholarship

October 1, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The Richmond Paralegal Association (RPA) is dedicated to advancing education in the legal community. In this spirit, the RPA introduces the Jean H. Proffitt and Susan Brewer, Esq. Scholarship Fund, designed to provide financial support for paralegal students in the Richmond metro area. This scholarship is tailored to alleviate the financial strain of tuition and textbook costs for deserving paralegal students.

Scholarship Criteria: The scholarship is merit-based, and successful applicants are expected to demonstrate:

• Dedication to their paralegal program. • A high likelihood of success in the paralegal profession. • A commitment to making positive contributions to the legal community.

Application Process: Aspiring paralegal students can apply for the scholarship by submitting their applications to the RPA Scholarship Committee, a dedicated subcommittee of the RPA Education Committee. The committee will diligently review each application to ensure alignment with the scholarship criteria.

Notification and Awards: The RPA Scholarship Committee will meticulously select the scholarship winner and provide written notifications to all applicants. Notably, scholarships will not be granted to the same recipient in consecutive years, and the committee's decisions are considered final.

Investing in Legal Education: The Jean H. Proffitt and Susan Brewer, Esq. Scholarship Fund underscores the RPA's commitment to nurturing talent within the paralegal profession. Beyond financial assistance, the scholarship acknowledges and supports individuals who exhibit promise in making significant contributions to the legal community.

How to Apply: Detailed application instructions, including submission deadlines and contact information, can be obtained directly from the RPA or the scholarship committee. Aspiring paralegal students are encouraged to reach out to the committee for any inquiries related to the application process.

Application Requirements: To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Attend a paralegal program at an approved school in the Richmond metro area on a part-time or full-time basis. • Have completed the equivalent of 9 semester hours in the program (applicants with at least 12 semester hours will receive higher consideration). • Submit transcripts showing the grade point average from the attending institution. • Provide a letter of recommendation from the current or recent academic advisor, professor, or supervising attorney. • Fully complete the RPA Jean H. Proffitt and Susan Brewer, Esq. Scholarship Fund Application. • Applications and all related information, including a resume, written statement of financial need and interest, transcript, and letter of recommendation, must be received by the RPA Scholarship Committee by October 1.

Applicants are evaluated based on education and employment history, grades, financial need, letter of recommendation, narrative statement, and community involvement, demonstrating a commitment to the paralegal profession and the legal community. The RPA is dedicated to empowering the next generation of paralegal professionals through the Jean H. Proffitt and Susan Brewer, Esq. Scholarship Fund. Scholarship Search