Vivek Ramaswamy American Identity Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

In the face of declining national pride, Vivek Ramaswamy will endow a new scholarship to revive patriotism among young Americans. This year, ten high school students will be eligible to receive a $25,000 scholarship for concisely articulating what it means to be an American. Ten winners will be selected by a panel of judges to each receive a $25,000 scholarship for post-secondary education, entrepreneurial endeavors, or their commitment to serve in the military or law enforcement role.

The scholarship will be administered by Incubate Debate, a nonprofit organization that leads U.S. students to debate important issues of public importance. In consultation with the founding benefactor (Vivek Ramaswamy), Incubate Debate will provide coaching tips to students on delivering confident, concise, and clear messages via Twitter.

Applicants must submit a two-minute video answering the question, "What does it mean to be an American?" Applicants must be current high school student (grades 9-12) or recent graduate and must submit their entry by August 18 at 9PM Eastern Time. Winners will be announced in late-September. Any submission reasonably interpreted to endorse any specific candidate for public office or political party will be disqualified. Submissions will be evaluated based on their thoughtfulness, insight, and ability to stimulate thought or discussion about the topic. Winners will be announced in late September. Scholarship Search