Niche College Scholarship

Wayfinder Society Student Mini-Grant

April 15, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

These mini-grants are available to students looking for financial support for their personal education, school and community projects, internships, networking events, etc. connected to addressing the plastic crisis.

Mini-grants range from $300 – $2000, and must be applied to your education, projects, or other efforts related to addressing the plastic problem. If you are selected as a grantee, you’ll need to report back to us by the end of the grant period sharing what you’ve accomplished. This is not a loan, so the money is yours to keep; you won’t need to pay it back. We will award a total of $15,000 USD through this program!

Scholarship Details

  • Grant Amount Range: $300 - $2,000
  • Total Award Amount: $15,000 USD

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participation in Wayfinder Society's online program
  • Completion and recognition of required Actions within the program
  • Commitment to addressing plastic pollution through education or projects
  • Desire for systemic change and a pursuit of deeper knowledge
  • Demonstrated dedication to plastic pollution initiatives
  • Be between the ages of 11-25 on the application deadline

Application Process

  1. Ensure participation in Wayfinder Society's online program and completion of required Actions.
  2. Provide comprehensive responses to application questions, including your involvement in the plastic pollution movement, what you've learned from Wayfinder Society, and your plans for using the grant funds.
  3. Include two references who can vouch for your dedication to solving plastic pollution.

Everything included in your application is considered public information once submitted and you should not include private or privileged information. As an English-speaking team, we currently will only be able to review applications in English. Please let us know if you need assistance with translating this application, or your submission. We will only accept one application per person. If you need to talk to us about your application for any reason, please contact us. Scholarship Search