Health Tech Scholarship

February 2, 2025
Awards Available: 10

Scholarship Description

The Grossmont Healthcare District is an active supporter of healthcare education and training for the benefit of future generations. Each year, a portion of the District’s grants and sponsorships overall budget is allocated to local college and high school students living or attending school within District boundaries through scholarships. Non-residents may also be granted scholarships as long as they have been working in the District for the last two years. Applicants must only apply to one program in a given year and can only be awarded once.

The Grossmont Healthcare District awards 10 candidates in a healthcare-related technical program with the Health Tech Scholarship. In order to apply, candidates must: be a current resident of the Grossmont Healthcare District for a minimum of one year (or a current employees for at least two years) or a graduate of a high school within the district; and provide proof of registration in current school and health tech course of instruction, with respect to specific majors. Scholarship Search