Red Thread Foundation Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Eligible applicants for this scholarship will be women of an international background, including foreign students, immigrants, or first-generation Americans, who are first year entrants to a U.S. college or university program in fall semester are eligible to apply for the Red Thread Scholarship Program. Applicants to graduate programs are not eligible. There are no GPA or U.S. residency requirements.

Scholarship Details

  • Annual scholarship fund to support women in their college/university education
  • Over $22,000 in scholarship funds awarded since 2011
  • Commitment to fostering international leadership and academic excellence

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to women with a rich, multicultural identity
  • Applicants should embody the spirit of international leadership
  • Seeking to support women starting their college/university education

Application Process

  1. Visit our website and navigate to the scholarship section
  2. Review eligibility criteria and scholarship details
  3. Complete the online application form
  4. Submit required documents, including transcripts and letters of recommendation
  5. Applications reviewed by our scholarship committee
  6. Successful applicants notified via email

The application consists of several short-answer questions, two essays, and one letter of recommendation. To apply, it is necessary to sign in to or create a Google account. The application form must be submitted online by the application deadline to be considered. We will select a short list of candidates to interview by phone. Interviews will be 30 minutes long. Applications open in February. Scholarship Search