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Sprague Scholarship Program

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Scholarship Description

The Sprague Scholarship Program offers an annual $10,000 scholarship pool exclusively for Sprague employees and their dependents. Incomplete or non-submitted applications will not be processed, and applicants will receive notification of their status in August. Please note that not all applicants will receive scholarships, but those interested may re-submit their applications annually. Any unutilized funds from the scholarship pool will automatically roll over to the following year.

Scholarship Details

  • Annual scholarship pool: $10,000
  • Open to Sprague employees and their dependents
  • Opportunity to re-submit applications annually
  • Unused funds rollover to the following year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Exclusive to Sprague employees and their dependents
  • Not all applicants will receive scholarships

Application Process

  1. All applicants will be notified by email in June.
  2. If selected as potential recipients, additional information must be submitted.
  3. Recipients failing to provide additional information will be deemed ineligible.
  4. Accepted recipients must submit a completed scholarship acceptance form to Sprague by the indicated deadline.
  5. Recipients are required to provide detailed financial instructions for Sprague to disburse funds to the school of their choice.
  6. Any changes in address, school enrollment, or relevant information must be promptly communicated to Sprague by the recipients.
  7. Recipients may be asked to participate in surveys during their award period and for up to two years beyond enrollment, with no further obligations to Sprague.

We encourage all eligible individuals to apply for the Sprague Scholarship Program, seizing the opportunity to advance their education and career aspirations. Your dedication and commitment are highly valued, and we look forward to supporting your academic endeavors. Scholarship Search