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Virtual New Life Ministries Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

At VNL Ministries, we believe in the power of faith to illuminate the educational journey. We are pleased to announce the VNL Ministries Educational Journey Scholarship, extending support to individuals who embody the significance of faith in their pursuit of knowledge.

Eligibility Criteria:

• Open to all U.S. residents. • Applicants must be attending a college in the U.S.

Application Process:

Submission: Send your applications, including a 200-word (maximum) essay on the importance of faith in your educational journey.

Reference Letter: Include a reference letter from a pastor, teacher, or manager (if employed). This letter should attest to your character and the role of faith in your educational pursuits.

Application Deadline: Applications must be received or postmarked by June 30.

Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced on July 30th.

Note: This scholarship is a testament to our commitment to supporting individuals who recognize and integrate faith into their educational journey. We encourage applicants to reflect on the transformative power of faith in shaping their pursuit of knowledge. Scholarship Search