GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program


January 05, 2024

Awards Available: 10

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  • Honoring the legacy and character of our nation’s 40th President, the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program rewards college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with financial assistance to pursue higher education. Eligible applicants must: be US citizens; have a 3.0 GPA; be current high school seniors attending high school in the United States (students living on U.S. Armed Forces base and home-schooled students are also eligible); and, plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study toward a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States for the entire upcoming academic year.

    Each year, the Program selects numerous recipients to receive a $10,000 scholarship renewable for up to an additional three years – up to $40,000 total per recipient. Awards are for undergraduate study and may be used for education-related expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, and board. In addition, Scholars are invited to participate in a special awards program and receive ongoing leadership-development support. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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Junior B.  on 1/5/2023 11:29:17 AM

Hello SIR/Madam, I am applying for this Scholarship because i would like to graduate debt free and focus on my career and not to have this financial burden. I come from a struggling single parent family and would like to be the first to graduate with A degree. I would like to pursue my childhood dream job and this scholarship would be a great help to ease my student debt.

Jesse O  on 12/22/2022 7:14:30 PM

Everyone commenting with their information and interest in the scholarship, this is a reminder that commenting on the post is not a submission. You need to go to the website linked on this page and follow the submission steps for an actual submission.

Aicha K  on 12/22/2022 11:39:26 AM

Hello, my name is Aicha Konte. I’m a senior in high school. I mover to US 2 years ago from Africa to pursue my studies I am applying for this scholarship so that my situation of financial hardship to go to college does not prevent me from my heart’s desire to help people as my future career. My parents are low income and won't be able to pay for my education. I really would appreciate it if I win this scholarship so I can make my dreams come true.

Bishop L  on 12/21/2022 2:45:49 PM

Hello, my name is Bishop Lounders. I am 17 years old, I have a GPA of 4.08, and I am currently researching scholarships, your caught my attention. I am a US citizen and want to do good in the world. So if you would please consider me, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a fantastic day.

Stella K  on 12/16/2022 12:16:28 PM

My name is Stella Kim. My dream is to become a primary school teacher, but I really want to achieve my dream by receiving this scholarship. I'm not as healthy as other people, but I want to repay the favor of my parents by making my dreams come true. And I would like to receive a scholarship to lighten the burden on my parents.

Reagen T  on 12/13/2022 12:16:18 PM

Hello my name is Reagen T. I would love to earn this scholarship so I could follow my dreams to go into nursing school to be a neonatal nurse. I do not come from a high class family and I live in a single parent household. This scholarship would help me tremendously because I am paying for college on my own. By getting this I know it would help me achieve my goal.

Keith T  on 12/12/2022 4:00:21 PM

Hello, my name is Keith T. This scholarship would help me in my dreams of becoming an accountant to help my family in the country.

Tatum O  on 12/7/2022 8:51:37 AM

Hi, my name is Tatum. I would love to earn this scholarship to be able to pursue my dreams of being an accountant as well as being able to support a family. My dream is to never be mediocre and be at the highest level possible in the career field I'm moving towards. Thank you so much.

Alexia L  on 12/1/2022 7:33:57 PM

Hello, My name is Lexi. This scholarship will help me to attend my dream college and get through school in the vet tech program.

Katty S  on 11/29/2022 2:05:11 PM

Hello, my name is Katty S. and I will be applying for this scholarship not only because it grants me access to more opportunities in my future career but because it will help me financially. I do not come from a high class family but I am sure with financial aid or scholarships, I will put myself in the stress free zone and I will be very proud of it. I wish luck for many other applicants as well, even if I do not's not the end of the world. There are a billion other scholarships, but this one in particular caught my eye.

Anna K  on 11/28/2022 12:51:59 AM

Hello! my name is Anna Knockel, this scholarship would give me the opportunity to continue my dream by attending college for pre-med/nursing.

Cameron K  on 11/7/2022 8:49:22 PM

Hi! My name is Cameron Koch. I am applying for this scholarship because I am lucky and blessed enough to have my parents pay for my college, but I do not want them to dig a hole that is not even theirs. They are currently also paying for my sister's college, and I have another sister not far behind me. With three kids eventually in college, no one has that kind of money. I am extremely thankful for my parents, but I want to be able to help pay for college myself and not burden them. I want to make their lives easier, which plays into exactly what kind of career I want to pursue. I want to be a labor and delivery nurse, helping mothers, babies, and families through their experiences. If I can pay for as much of my education as possible on my own, it would really help me begin pursuing my dream of helping others.

Andres V  on 10/29/2022 11:51:19 PM

Hello! My name is Andres Vazquez, and I am applying for this scholarship for future support of my challenging future and journey in college. I plan on going to a service academy far away from home, so I can learn better leadership and responsibility. It has always been my desire to become an efficient leader and lead others now and in the future. With this scholarship, I would be able to provide financially for myself and pursue the bachelor's degree of my choice without having to struggle financially. This scholarship would be very beneficial and helpful towards my college experience!

Elton H  on 10/23/2022 8:38:22 PM

Hi my name is Elton Hurd I am applying for this scholarship so that I can be able to attend the school of my dreams, without having to set my parents back My sister Is attending college as well and my parents are struggling to pay for her. With this scholarship I will be able to take care of myself and pursue my educational dreams

Bryson n  on 10/17/2022 5:37:12 PM

Hello, my name is Bryson Nguyen. I am applying to this scholarship so that I am able to go to college of my liking without worrying about a way to fund my endeavors of going to college. My plan is to get a bachelors degree in Finance so that I can learn how to manage money and help my family with their financial problems. When I want something I will peruse it endlessly to get what I want. I know that with help from this scholarship I will be able to accomplish to goal of mine.

Jimmy B  on 10/7/2022 7:49:31 AM

Hello, my name is Jimmy Brown. I am applying for this scholarship so that my situation of financial hardship does not prevent me from my heart’s desire to help people as my future career. I’ve played football for 9 years straight and during my life time I’ve seen a lot of unhealthy people and multiple injuries. I want to help people especially upcoming generations and elderly get healthy and live and improve their bodies.

Jenna V  on 9/30/2022 11:57:06 AM

Hello! My name is Jenna and I am interesting in going into an undergraduate of Bachelor of Nursing program. I have been interested in the healthcare field my whole adolescence and have a strong passion for helping every patient I encounter. I believe that with this scholarship, I can be equipped to learn the best that I can and continue to grow in my education!

Angelina D  on 9/6/2022 6:42:35 PM

Hi, I am applying for this scholarship because I just want to further my learning. I am very head-strong when it comes to things I want and I know I can achieve! I desire this scholoarship to spread the Kingdom of God. I want to help the world become a better place and I do understand that a lot of citizens say this but I do want to make a change. Thank you!