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Alfred State Transfer Student Scholarship $6,000 May 01, 2024
Hillman Entrepreneurs Program $35,000 May 15, 2024
University of Texas-Arlington Transfer Scholarship $10,000 July 03, 2024
Texas Tech University Transfer Scholarships $9,000 July 31, 2024
New Mexico Tech Regents Scholarship $15,000 November 01, 2024
New Mexico Tech Transfer Excel Scholarship $12,000 November 01, 2024
New Mexico Tech Transfer Scholarship $6,000 November 01, 2024
Maryland 2+2 Transfer Scholarship $2,000 December 31, 2024
Ford Transfer Scholars Program Varies March 01, 2025
Frederick Douglass Scholarship $34,515 March 01, 2025
AICPA Foundation Two-Year Transfer Scholarship $5,000 March 15, 2025
AL Diablo Valley Community College Scholarship $4,000 March 21, 2025
FIU Undergraduate Transfer Academic Achievement Scholarship $22,062 April 01, 2025
Augustana University Transfer Scholarships $66,000 Varies
EMU Recognition of Excellence Scholarship $6,000 Varies
Heidelberg University Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship $1,000 Varies
Heidelberg University Transfer Academic Award $14,000 Varies
IIT Transfer Student Scholarships $105,000 Varies
JWU Transfer Scholarship $56,000 Varies
Lebanon Valley College Transfer Student Academic Scholarships $93,000 Varies
Manchester University Transfer Scholarships $88,000 Varies
Michigan State University Transfer Student Scholarships Varies Varies
NACME Scholars (Block Grant) Program $16,000 Varies
Northwood University Free Enterprise Transfer Scholarships $27,000 Varies
Northwood University Freedom Transfer Scholarships $30,000 Varies
Quinnipiac Transfer Student Scholarship $28,000 Varies
Regis College Phi-Theta Scholarship Varies Varies
Roberts Wesleyan University Christian Ministries Dependent Grant $1,000 Varies
SLU Transfer Scholarships $75,000 Varies
SUNY International Merit Scholarships-Transfer Students $24,000 Varies
University of California Berkeley Leadership Award $2,000 Varies
University of Illinois Transfer Scholarship $2,000 Varies
University of North Texas Transfer Excellence Scholarships $12,000 Varies
Valley City State University Transfer Scholarships $2,500 Varies