Niche College Scholarship

The 431 Exchange Scholarship

February 28, 2025
Awards Available: 18

Scholarship Description

The 431 Exchange provides an invaluable ‘hand-up’ to adults determined to transform their lives through education. The Scholarship Fund is open twice a year to adults ages 18 and older who are residents of Louisiana, received a Louisiana high school diploma or GED, AND are going to school in Louisiana. Whether aiming for a college, university, vocational, or trade school program, top-scoring men and women are awarded $1,431 and runners-up are awarded $431, helping meet some of their educational expenses.

All scholarship applicants must be registered at a college, university, vocational or trade school who normally maintains a regular educational faculty, curriculum, and student body where its educational activities are conducted. Scholarship monies awarded are to be used for educational program needs such as tuition, fees, books, supplies, equipment, room, board, travel, and/or research incidentals. Scholarship applicants must demonstrate their financial plan for continuing education and contingency plans should unexpected needs occur. Scholarship recipients must show proof of enrollment prior to accepting the award. This is offered twice a year, with applications usually due at the end of February and August. Scholarship Search