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Updated: April 16, 2024

Agriculture Scholarships

Every great idea starts with the planting of one metaphorical seed. Over time, that tiny speck grows into something more complex and intricate until one day it’s ripe enough to sample. What happens when what develops from that metaphorical seed has to do with actual seeds? A revolution in the field of agriculture!

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25 Agriculture Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

Consider your last trip to the grocery store. Did you think about where the apples and corn came from? How about how the grade of beef or pork was determined? The answer is probably no but for those majoring in agriculture, finding answers to those questions is part of the curriculum for both undergraduate and graduate students. The interaction between humans, natural resources and livestock is at the program’s core but that doesn’t mean all agriculture majors are destined to work on farms. Required classes often include chemistry, biology and economics and, depending on the concentration you select – plant pathology, agricultural engineering and community and economic development are a few – myriad career opportunities await after college.

Agriculture scholarship opportunities are plentiful and are growing every day with the advancements in green and sustainable studies like those going on at UC Davis, Texas A&M and Purdue University; even companies like Annie's Homegrown are offering agriculture scholarships to innovative students. Several agriculture scholarship awards are listed below but to find more, conduct a free scholarship search on