Updated: July 1, 2024

Design Scholarships

Presentation can be everything. If it wasn’t, those culinary geniuses on "Iron Chef" would spend less time making their ingredients match and more time making them taste yummy. It’s hard to be proud of a dish that doesn’t look right and it’s not as fun to give a gift when the bow and paper don’t match. If you don’t believe me, ask the guys from Apple: They used the theory to turn fruit into an empire.

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25 Design Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

Whether you’re interested in interior design, textile design, graphic design or any other type of design, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking looks don’t matter. Sometimes they do and if you’re a design student, they matter most of the time. Good ads and product designs require creativity (and a background in advertising and marketing) but know-how is just as important. Degrees in design can prepare college students for successful careers in the industry. And while affording an education may feel like an insurmountable problem, it doesn’t have to be one.

A number of scholarship funds have been created with design students in mind. To find information about design scholarships, students can conduct a free scholarship search at Scholarships.com. At Scholarships.com, students will find tips for saving money, college funding resources and, of course, myriad information about scholarships and grants that can help them obtain a degree in design. Check out just a few of these design scholarships below.