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Updated: March 1, 2024

Journalism Scholarships

Whether you’re just starting to explore journalism as a possible major, or whether you’ve already been doing journalistic work at the high school or undergraduate level for years, there are a number of journalism scholarships available for students like you. So what can you, as a journalism student, do to find scholarships to help with funding your education? Investigate, of course!

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25 Journalism Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

You probably want to know what journalism scholarship opportunities are out there. There are a couple different varieties of journalism scholarships. Many function in a similar manner to other essay scholarships, simply asking you to write an essay about an issue facing your profession, to respond to an important news story or perhaps even to create a piece of broadcast or new media journalism as your entry into a video scholarship competition. The other common type of journalism scholarship is a contest in which you submit a sample of work you have already completed, whether it is an unpublished journalism project for class or an actual piece of investigative reporting that has appeared in print, on television or online. Different journalism scholarships have different submission requirements, so be sure to read the scholarship information carefully before you complete your scholarship application.

In addition to the specific journalism scholarships listed below, you may also want to consider other scholarship essay contests. Your journalistic ability to write clearly and eloquently can land you all kinds of scholarship money! Conduct a free college scholarships search on to find more awards that could help you pay for school.’s "Resources" section offers a wealth of tips on winning essay scholarships. Read more about efficient scholarship essay writing, tips for formatting scholarship application essays and how to write a scholarship-worthy essay, then start to search and apply for scholarships.

Below are just a few of the journalism scholarships you can find in our database when you conduct a free, college scholarship search!