Science Go Seek Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

STEM is often the hidden “magic” behind your favorite hobbies and interests like sports, video games, fashion, nature, and more. Join DoSomething’s Science Go Seek Challenge to discover how basic STEM principles are the driving force behind our everyday lives. Choose something that interests you and find a way that science, technology, engineering, or math explain how it works. You’ll then share this in a 30-60 second video.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Name: Science Go Seek Challenge
  • Showcase your understanding of STEM principles in a creative video

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all individuals interested in exploring STEM concepts

Application Process

  1. Select an area of interest or hobby that intrigues you.
  2. Discover how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is at the heart of your chosen interest.
  3. Create an engaging 30-60 second video to explain the STEM connections you've found.
  4. Share your video and insights with DoSomething to participate in this exciting challenge.

Uncover the science behind your passions, embrace STEM, and make a meaningful impact by entering the Science Go Seek Challenge. Your video could not only win you recognition but also inspire others to explore the wonders of STEM in their everyday lives. Scholarship Search