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Georgia Scholarships

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If you're going to college in Georgia, then you might graduate with a great degree from the Peach State. Unfortunately, you may also wind up with a huge student loan balance.

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25 Georgia Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

Research shows that the average Georgia student has more than $40,000 in student loans, making it the third most indebted state in the country. If you’re a Georgia student attending college soon or are already enrolled, you should be looking for ways to make college more affordable.

One way to reduce your debt is to apply for more scholarships, especially Georgia-specific scholarships. Scholarships can reduce how much you have to pay for tuition, room and board, textbooks and other college costs.

Keep reading to learn more about Georgia scholarships, including where to find them, how to apply and how many different kinds there are.

What is a Georgia scholarship?

A Georgia scholarship is an award given to a student who is either from Georgia or is attending college in Georgia. Like all types of scholarships, Georgia scholarships do not have to be paid back after you graduate or leave school.

Georgia scholarships may be either merit- or need-based, depending on the particular scholarship and its funding organization. Some scholarships may not look at the student’s finances at all, while others will consider both grades and financial need.

For example, the Greenhouse Scholars Whole Person Scholarship requires that students have a 3.5 GPA or higher and also that their family earns less than $80,000 per year. Students must also be from Georgia, California, Colorado, Illinois, New York or North Carolina. Only high school seniors are eligible to apply, and they must attend a four-year school. The scholarship is worth $5,000 per year for four years total.

Some Georgia scholarships will cover the entire cost of tuition. However, most will only cover a portion of costs. If you apply to several different scholarships, you may be able to significantly reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Where to find Georgia scholarships

There are many different places where you can find Georgia scholarships. Many Georgia scholarships come directly from the school you plan to attend, especially if you’re attending school in-state. Most state schools have a special list of scholarships for local students to encourage them to stay.

Like with other scholarships, you can also search Google for “Georgia scholarships.” If you go this route, try narrowing your search beyond just general state scholarships. For example, if you’re from Decatur, Georgia, look for “Decatur Georgia scholarships.” This will result in a smaller list of scholarships that you might be better qualified for, potentially maximizing your chances of winning an award.

You can find Georgia scholarships through major sites, like, which has a robust awards directory. If you sign up for an account, you will be notified when a new scholarship is posted that you’re a good candidate for.

Scholarships can come from either nonprofit or for-profit companies. Local organizations often provide local scholarships to area students. For example, the GLA Hubbard Scholarship is sponsored by the Georgia Library Association. This one-time $3,000 award is given to a student who is a resident of Georgia studying Library Sciences.

How to apply for Georgia scholarships

One of the first steps is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Most students think that the FAFSA is only necessary if they want to apply for federal student loans, but many scholarship applications also require the FAFSA. If you fill out the FAFSA, you are not required to take out federal student loans.

Another bonus? If you submit the FAFSA, you’ll also be in the running for federal grants like the Pell Grant. There’s no reason not to submit the FAFSA, unless you’re not eligible to do so.

Students should also complete the Georgia State Financial Application (GSFAPP). The GSFAPP gives you access to a variety of different scholarships, including the HOPE and Zell Miller awards. These are significant state-based scholarships that can help students who are attending school within the state.

Scholarships from third-party organizations and companies often have their own application, but may also require the FAFSA or the GSFAPP. When applying for a scholarship or grant, make sure you understand which documents are required.

Both high school and college students can apply for Georgia scholarships. In fact, there are many awards for current college students. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can only apply for a scholarship if you’re an incoming freshman.

To qualify for all possible scholarships, make sure to submit the FAFSA or the GSFAPP by the school’s and the state’s financial aid deadline. For the 2024-25 school year, Georgia’s deadline is as soon as possible after December 31, 2023. If you’re attending school in a different state, they may have a different deadline.

Georgia Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

In a state the size of Georgia, there are countless types of scholarships that students can qualify for. Here are some of the most common questions that students and families have about scholarships.

Do you have to attend a public school in Georgia to get a Georgia scholarship?

Some scholarships have rules on the type of school you must attend to qualify. In many cases, you must be attending a four-year school. However, the type of school - public or private - usually doesn’t matter as much.

Students who are attending a private college can apply for the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant Program (GTEG). This is a grant that is given to a student attending a private college in Georgia instead of a public school.

The award is $500 per semester, and students can receive funding for up to three semesters per year. If you’re interested in this scholarship, you can find a list of eligible schools here.

Are there Georgia scholarships for certain minority groups?

While many Georgia scholarships are available to students from all types of backgrounds, others are more selective. If you’re part of any kind of minority group, you may be able to find special Georgia scholarships just for you.

For example, the Black Alumni Scholarship at the University of Georgia is given to an African-American student who is attending UGA. There is a 3.0 minimum GPA requirement to both receive and maintain the scholarship. The scholarship is worth $2,000 per year and can be renewed for three years.

UGA also sponsors the Diversity Scholarship, which is worth $2,500. Students must be part of an underrepresented group and must also meet two of the following:

Do you have to attend school in Georgia to win a Georgia scholarship?

When you're applying for a Georgia scholarship, make sure you read through all the application requirements and confirm that you meet them. If you’re from Georgia but not attending school in the state, check that you still qualify for the scholarship.

For example, the Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarship is only given to a student from certain counties in Georgia or South Carolina. However, they can attend school in any state, as long as the institution is regionally accredited. This is a perfect example of a scholarship that is available to many Georgia students, but still has strict eligibility rules.

Do you have to be from Georgia to win a Georgia scholarship?

Some Georgia scholarships require that students attend school in Georgia and also be official state residents.

For example, the HOPE Scholarship has strict residency requirements. Students may have to provide proof that they are a Georgia resident, which is determined by their school. Also, they must attend one of the approved Georgia-based colleges to qualify for the award.

If you receive one of these scholarships and later decide to transfer to a school out of state, you will lose your scholarship eligibility. The scholarship amount is also partly determined by the amount of credit hours as well as the school they’re attending.

How can I maintain my eligibility for a Georgia scholarship?

Many scholarships are only given on a one-time basis, but some can be renewed for multiple years. If your scholarship can be renewed, you must usually meet specific criteria, like maintaining a certain minimum GPA or taking enough credit hours every semester.

For example, the HOPE Scholarship has a 3.0 GPA requirement for initial eligibility and for maintaining your eligibility. If your GPA falls below that number, then you will lose your award.

Are there scholarships for students from specific Georgia counties or cities?

While some Georgia scholarships are available for any student from the Peach State, others are more selective. They may require that you live or be from a certain Georgia city or county.

For example, the Next Step to Success Scholarship is given to a student from Sandy Springs, Georgia. Students must already be enrolled in a two-year or four-year school and meet other specific requirements.

The PHADA Scholarship Program is designed to help students who live in a housing program sponsored by the Public Housing Authority Directors Association (PHADA). There are three specific scholarships available for students, ranging from $5,000 to $7,000.

Are Georgia scholarships available for community college students?

Community college students who are from Georgia or attending a two-year school in Georgia can still qualify for scholarships and grants, just like those at four-year schools.

Community college, technical and vocational schools have their own financial aid departments that can help you apply for all possible awards. The HOPE Grant is available for students who are getting a certificate or diploma. This is different from the HOPE Scholarship.

Also, the HOPE Career Grant is given to students majoring in a field that is underfilled in the state of Georgia. Students must attend one of these eligible colleges to qualify.

Are Georgia scholarships available for graduate or professional students?

A popular myth says that only undergraduate students are eligible for scholarships. Fortunately, this isn’t true. There are plenty of awards for graduate and professional school students.

Also, students who are not from Georgia may still qualify for scholarships for graduate or professional school. For example, the University of Georgia School of Law offers Tuition Equalization Scholarships for non- Georgia residents. This scholarship is essentially a tuition waiver, so they can receive the in-state tuition rate.

Are there specific Georgia scholarships for certain majors or degrees?

Some Georgia scholarships are open to students who are studying any subject, but others are more limited.

For example, the Georgia Engineering Foundation offers scholarships for students who are studying engineering, construction management and engineering technology. Only students who are Georgia residents are eligible to apply. However, they are not required to attend school in Georgia. Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students can apply.

Can I get a Georgia scholarship if I’m an international student?

If you’re a foreign student attending or applying to a school in Georgia, you can still qualify for certain grants and scholarships. These can reduce the cost of tuition and make it easier to fund your education.

For example, Georgia College & State University offers a scholarship that is worth either a full tuition waiver or a partial tuition waiver for international students. This scholarship requires both merit and demonstrated financial need.

There may also be international scholarships for transfer students. Again, this will depend on the institution itself. Your best bet as an international student is to look for schools that offer tuition waivers.