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Vincent L. Hawkinson Foundation Scholarship

Hawkinson Scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduate or graduate students who are a resident of or currently attending school in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota or Wisconsin. The scholarship program is funded by donations from friends and members of the Foundation and by endowment earnings. Past scholarship recipients have come from many faiths, including Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.

To qualify, applicants must have demonstrated a commitment to peace and justice through at least one of the following:
- Completed a specific peace and justice project
- Were courageous in pursuing their convictions about peace and justice
- Displayed ongoing commitment to, and leadership in, a peace organization
- Served as a role model for others in moving church or society into new realms of thought and practice regarding peace and justice

In addition, applicants must demonstrate how the use of the award money for study, an internship, or a special project will deepen their personal commitment to peace and justice and will promote peace and justice for others. A personal interview is required. Scholarships are awarded without regard to religious affiliation.

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