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Dance is a discipline with so much variety that it’s no surprise many students find their passion in one or more of its forms. While a college education can help passionate students pursue careers in dance, finding money for college can be challenging. Fortunately, dance scholarships exist to provide financial aid for deserving artists and performers who are interested in dance.

Whatever the variety, dance requires hard work, talent, and dedication. These traits, and many others possessed by dancers, make dance scholarships a great way to reward students who are likely to succeed in college and in the working world. If you’re currently involved in competitive dance, planning to pursue an education or career related to dance, or just passionate about dance, scholarships exist to help you pay for school. Below are just a few of the dance scholarship awards out there. For more information on dance scholarships, as well as scholarships for your other attributes and interests, conduct a free college scholarship search.

Archibald Rutledge Scholarship Competition
Application Deadlines: February 06, Annually
The Archibald Rutledge Scholarship is an award that encourages and recognizes academic and artistic excellence. Students compete for five scholarships (approximately $2,000 each) to be awarded in May 2014.

- Creative writing: An entry is defined as an original composition in the form of a sonnet, lyric, or narrative poem. The composition should not exceed two double-spaced pages in length, [...] More

ASPIRE Asian American Women's Scholarship Fund
Application Deadlines: March 09, Annually
Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence, Inc. (ASPIRE) is a non-profit organization serving Asian American girls and women in the Greater Boston area. ASPIRE is Greater Boston’s only Asian American women-specific program providing leadership and professional development opportunities to women from high school students to seasoned professionals. ASPIRE’s programs include our annual [...] More

DDF / DREAM Dance Performing Arts Scholarship Award
Application Deadlines: July 01, Annually
Specifically for High School Seniors who plan to major in a Dance and Performing Arts degree program. The Dream scholarship award is designed to support, improve, and increase opportunities for students who wish to further their dance/performing arts training for a career in dance and the performing arts. Dance Discovery Foundation is dedicated to sustaining and empowering the vitality of our [...] More

Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards - Dance
Application Deadlines: February 15, Annually
Each year at Hope College up to 60 Distinguished Artist Award (DAA) scholarships are given to students with strong academic records and outstanding creative abilities in art, dance, music, theatre or creative writing. Renewable for four years, the DAA's provide eligible students with $2,500 each year toward their college costs. DAA recipients also take part in a variety of opportunities set up to [...] More

Missouri Valley College Dance Team Scholarships
Application Deadlines:
Our goal is to revive the dance program and build a competitive dance team at Missouri Valley College and our $10,800 scholarships rival any athletic awards.

To apply for talent/department scholarships, you must work with your admissions counselor, the appropriate MVC faculty member or coach. Upon their official recommendation, the Admissions Office will notify you of your award.

For more [...] More

Northwood University Blue Crush Dance Scholarship
Application Deadlines:
Northwood University Dance Scholarship is available for students who will attend Northwood University and participate on the dance team.

Requirements to Apply
- current high school senior
- cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
- must apply and be accepted to Northwood University West Palm Beach, Florida Campus
- In person Audition Required. We will accept videos however dancers still must [...] More

Shirley A. Wedge National Cheer and Dance Scholarship Fund
Application Deadlines:
The Shirley A. Wedge National Cheer and Dance Scholarship fund has been providing scholarships to deserving cheer and dance athletes since 1988. In that time, we have awarded over $385,000 in college scholarships.

To be eligible for a scholarship, cheerleading and dance athletes must compete at the COA Ultimate National Championship which is held each Easter at the Gaylord Palms Resort in [...] More

Tobin Sorenson Scholarships
Application Deadlines: April 01, Annually
The Tobin Sorenson Physical Education Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student who intends to pursue a career at the K-12 level as a physical education teacher, adaptive physical education teacher, coach, recreational therapist, dance therapist or similar professional focusing on teaching the knowledge and use of the human body. The scholarship consists of a tuition payment of $1,000, [...] More

Tupelo Elvis Fan Club
Application Deadlines: February 15, Annually
Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club
Eligibility Requirements

1. You must be a resident of Mississippi and enrolled as a senior at a
Mississippi High School graduating in the spring.

2. You must sing, dance or play a musical instrument and submit a performance DVD for
review by the selection committee. If chosen as a semi-finalist you will be invited to perform [...] More

Tupelo Elvis Fan Club Scholarship
Application Deadlines: February 15, Annually
Awards are $5000 for first place, $3000 for second and $2000 for third.
-You must be a resident of Mississippi and enrolled as a senior at a Mississippi High School graduating in 2016.
-You must sing, dance or play a musical instrument and submit a performance MP4 video for review by the selection committee. If chosen as semi-finalist, you will be invited to perform live at the [...] More

Last Edited: August 2015

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