Updated: June 2, 2024

Distance Learning Scholarships

Despite the scholarship myths you may have heard of, distance learning scholarships are available to students attending classes online. Whether you are enrolled in an online degree university or taking distance learning classes at a college or university on-campus, there are many scholarship opportunities. By taking time out of your busy schedule to search for scholarships online, you can help pay for your college education.

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25 Distance Learning Scholarships with Approaching Deadlines

If you are enrolled in an accredited distance learning program and working towards a degree, you essentially have the same eligibility for scholarships as traditional students. A college student is a college student, regardless of where you are physically are. As long as you meet other scholarship requirements, you should be eligible for most monetary rewards. Additionally, there may be scholarship awards specifically for students enrolled in online courses.

Often, students who choose distance learning programs are in the most need for scholarship money. Since distance learning is one of the most inexpensive and time-saving ways of attending college, especially while working full-time or taking care of children, students who cannot easily afford college are often drawn to them. Students who are taking online classes are encouraged to research financial aid options thoroughly, especially need-based aid, scholarships for minorities, and scholarships for women if applicable. There are scholarship programs for single mothers and returning students.Scholarships are awarded based on numerous criteria, so searching is the best way to gain more knowledge.

To start finding out about the myriad distance learning scholarships and other college scholarships for which you may be eligible, simply conduct a free scholarship search on Scholarships.com. You will receive a list of search results based your unique, personal information, as well as all of the resources needed to make the proper scholarship selection, and start the scholarship application process. If you are interested in distance learning, scholarships can help you achieve your college goals without breaking the bank.