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Easy scholarships are what we're all looking for, aren't they? Scholarship money is great, and easy scholarship money is even better. So how do you find easy scholarships? And how can you tell if an "easy" scholarship is really easy?

First, let's ask the obvious question: what are easy scholarships? We know what scholarships are: free money for college! We can agree on that. But how do you define easy? After all, something you find easy might be excruciatingly difficult or boring for another person--for example, I think calculating a tip at a restaurant is simple, but to one of my best friends, it's impossible without a calculator. Then how can we tell you what the easy scholarships are if we don't know what you consider easy? Well, let's start with a basic definition. Whether the amount is $5,000 or $50, easy scholarships are scholarships whose awards are more than worth the effort involved in competing. Hopefully, the effort will be minimal or at least enjoyable, and hopefully you'll actually stand a good chance at winning scholarships you find easy. All of these factors go into determining what makes a scholarship contest not only worth entering (because many difficult things are worth doing), but actually something you'd consider easy.

So, What Makes Easy Scholarships Easy?

They're likely to be easy scholarships if:

  1. You Don't Actually Have To Do Anything New To Apply

    Maybe you did this really cool project this year, like writing an amazing poem, taking a great photograph, making a really interesting movie, coordinating a massive service project, or inventing something new. Everyone keeps asking you about it, and at this point your answer is so rehearsed that you could write a 300-word essay about it in no time at all. Or perhaps you wrote this awesome paper for school about a topic like peace, courage, or overcoming adversity, or even just a really good analysis of a book--maybe Jane Eyre or Atlas Shrugged? Or maybe you wrote the best college application essay in the universe, and based on what you know about scholarships, you're betting there are scholarship essay contests your essay would apply to. Think of what you've already accomplished, and search for related prizes. You might pay for school by sharing your accomplishments with a scholarship company.
  2. The Scholarship Application Process Is Short And Simple

    Not all scholarships require a massive application packet. To be entered to win some awards, all you have to do is put down your name, or in some cases, someone else's. For example, you could enter the Scholarships.com Tell a Friend $1,000 Sweepstakes. By filling out a form to let your friends know about our site (and we are totally awesome, aren't we?), you'll be entered in a drawing for a $1,000 scholarship. It doesn't get easier than that! Start your free scholarship search and see what other easy scholarships are out there.
  3. The Work Involved Is Something You Enjoy or Do Well

    While they're not quite as easy as scholarships that involve recycling material you've already used or just filling out a form and hitting submit, scholarship opportunities for things you actually enjoy can also make the list. First off, these are things you're good at, so you're more likely to blow the competition out of the water. And second, working at things you actually enjoy hardly seems like work at all. For example, maybe you have a passion for duct tape that exceeds the bounds of reason. You were probably going to make a dress out of the stuff for prom, anyway, so why not take a picture of it and enter the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom scholarship competition? You could win a $3000 scholarship, freeing up more of your savings to expand your duct tape collection. Make sure to fill out your talents and interests when completing your Scholarships.com profile, and we'll generate a list of scholarships tailored to your skills. Then you'll have a resource full of easy scholarships with fun applications you might actually enjoy.
  4. You Don't Have Much Competition

    Are you a veterinary medicine major from Pennsylvania who wants to move back home and farm? Are you a prospective Loyola University Student whose last name is Zolp? The odds of either of these pretty are slim, but chances are good that there's a scholarship out there for something unique about you! Scholarships.com has a wide library of local scholarships, area of study scholarships, and some very unusual scholarships. Unlike essay contests or sweepstakes, these scholarships have very specific criteria that most students are not going to meet. When you look at scholarships open to all the residents of an entire country, competitions limited to just those students from your county seem like pretty easy scholarships.

So what's an easy scholarship? It depends on who you are, where you're from, and what you do! But regardless of your idea of easy, all of the easy scholarships suggested above are real, and if you qualify, you will see them when you conduct a scholarship search. And speaking of easy, isn't it great that you don't have to spend weeks finding these things when taking a few minutes to thoroughly complete a user profile here will give you a list that's already narrowed down to scholarships you might actually get? After using our free scholarship search, you might even decide that any scholarships you find on Scholarships.com are going to be easy scholarships to win.

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