Mount Laurel Garden Club Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Mount Laurel, NJ Garden Club (MLGC) awards scholarship money in the amount of at least $1,500 to a student(s) that resides in Mount Laurel and is graduating high school in year of award. A student pursuing future studies in one of the following: Horticulture, Landscape Design, Botany, Environmental Studies, Agronomy, Plant pathology/Biology, Land Management, or other related studies may be given preference.

Qualified applicants must complete the MLGC Application Form and complete an essay as outlined on the form. The Application Form can be accessed online. High School must provide a current transcript copy of the student’s grades including class ranking and a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher, guidance counselor or principal to be submitted with application. If any of the above information is not submitted as required, the application cannot be processed. Applicants should submit completed forms to the high school guidance department so other required documents can be attached before mailing. Scholarship Search