Religious Scholarships

Religious organizations are notorious for their charity and community involvement, catering to those in need. Perhaps you have attended church-sponsored events such as benefit dinners, raffles, concerts, and carnivals. A decent number of junior high and high school students attend religious classes, volunteer with children, participate in youth groups, sing in choirs, or attend services with family. Religious scholarships in turn, help benefit individuals of varying faiths pay for school.

Winning Religious Scholarships

Religious scholarships reward students who are actively involved with church-related activities, pursuing religious-affiliated careers or ministry work, or even those who simply have a church membership. If you are active in your church community or strong in your religious faith, there are religious scholarship awards out there for you. Ultimately, college students need financial aid and religious scholarships are an ideal way for churches to show their commitment to helping community members. To that end, religious organizations sponsor a variety of national, regional, and local scholarships. Below there are links to some of the most common religious scholarships in our database. If you do not see your faith represented below, that does not mean there aren’t any scholarship opportunities for you. Conduct a free college scholarship search here on and make sure to indicate your religion in your profile. If we have heard of a religious scholarship offered to students of your faith and you meet the requirements, it will show in your results. If you know of a religious scholarship that is not in our database, please let us know. We constantly update our scholarships and are committed to helping students of all faiths. find money for college.

Last Edited: July 2015

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