Updated: December 6, 2023

Riot Games Internship

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Ready to turn your gaming passion into a game-changing career opportunity with hands-on-experience? Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of securing an exciting internship program at Riot Games, the prodigious company behind League of Legends and many other cherished games. This journey might just be the career boost you've been looking for in the gaming and esports industry!

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About Riot Games

Here's a little backstory on Riot Games - back in 2006, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill founded Riot Games with the goal of changing the video game industry and making history. League of Legends players are present in various cities worldwide, which include Seoul, Rio, and Moscow.

Undertaking the mission of delivering game content to millions worldwide while concurrently creating new games presents a rich tapestry of intriguing and technically challenging problems for Riot's Engineering discipline. This, precisely, is where your journey could begin.

Riot Games' engineers possess deep expertise in specific technical domains but are also eager to explore broader areas. In the role of Software Engineer Intern, you will work with established and emerging technologies to overcome high-traffic challenges and deliver significant value and new experiences for players worldwide.

Appreciating Riot Games' Culture

Renowned for a high-octane work atmosphere, Riot Games champions the ethos of ceaseless refinement - a credo in sync with the agile development techniques embraced by forward-thinking enterprises. Teamwork is the lifeblood of their modus operandi, manifesting in close-knit incredible teams of passionate people striving for stellar results in the gaming industry while also building personal relationships.

Riot Games Internship Overview

Riot Games extends well-rounded internship university programs aimed at providing and furnishing ambitious individuals with a rare chance to advance professionally while gaining priceless gaming experience and industry exposure. As an advocate of positivity and inclusivity in gaming, Riot Games' internships cut across various departments like game development, esports, publishing, and more. Key details of their internships that include awesome gaming experiences include:

Eager to peek into the Riot Games' internship experience and learn more about the duration of the internship and how much cash you can earn? Well, here's a snapshot of what they promise:

"As a Riot Intern, we bridge your gaming passion with purposeful careers. Expect honest mentorship and unlock career development resources for your future journey. Spend time with leaders across disciplines for valuable insights, forge lifelong bonds with your intern community, and collaborate with outstanding teams to create significant experiences for global gamers."

To access further information, visit the Riot Games website.

Riot Games Internship: Experience and Qualifications

Riot Games offers an internship opportunity for gaming enthusiasts who are currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, or non-degree program. While relevant experience or a related major may be advantageous, Riot values enthusiasm and dedication above all else.

With Riot Games, your fervor for gaming and esports is highly prized. Don't fret over a not-so-impeccable resume; instead, demonstrate your skills and gaming interest through personal projects or active participation in online gaming communities. Riot seeks individuals genuinely enthusiastic about their craft and ready to contribute positively.

The Application Adventure

The start date for Riot's summer internship program application period is typically in September. For roles that are evaluated on a rolling basis, applying early is a recommended strategy to enhance your chances of success. You can find detailed information on the application process by visiting the company page and staying informed of any updates.

Riot Games offers a range of internship opportunities.

Riot Games proffers an extensive array of internship university program team roles in diverse areas, encompassing game development, engineering, artistic endeavors, publishing, customer support, and the realm of business operations. Their goal is to provide assistance for software engineering interns to have meaningful experiences that will lead to lasting relationships and help grow their community through games and craft skills. Here are some of the options:

The list provides a glimpse into the various opportunities available at Riot Games. Each above-mentioned internship role may have specific requisites, which might fluctuate annually based on Riot's evolving needs and priorities.

Instructions for applying to an internship at Riot Games.

Ready to embark on this gaming journey? Here are some helpful steps:

  1. Visit the Riot Games company page to explore open positions. Remember, summer internship applications usually open in September.
  2. Customize your application to highlight relevant skills and experiences for each role, demonstrating your gaming passion and positive impact.
  3. Though optional, a cover letter can help you stand out, providing more context about your qualifications.
  4. Be ready for swift application processing, including potential interviews and technical assessments.

Tips for Obtaining an Internship at Riot Games.

Home to the iconic game, League of Legends, Riot Games is a renowned game development firm distinguished by its ambitious and inventive spirit. Consequently, procuring a return offer from Riot presents a stimulating challenge as you will be faced with a challenging work experience filled with plenty of exciting rewards. With adequate preparation and resilience, you can indeed secure a position as a member of their game team if you do the following steps:

Remember, Riot Games' application process may be extensive, demanding repetitive data. However, meticulously completing the application enhances your chances of securing an internship with them. To ensure you don't miss any application openings, explore Riot Games' comprehensive careers page for more details on their internship programs. Are you prepared to begin your Riot Games internship journey? Click this link to start your application process today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the selection process look like for a Riot Games internships?

The selection process can vary by role and year. Typically, it involves an application, followed by potential interviews and technical assessments. We suggested heading over to their company website page for more details and instructions on the application process.

Can an internship lead to employment opportunities?

Absolutely! An internship can lead to employment opportunities for dedicated people who truly prove themselves during their internship period of time. An internship is an incredible opportunity for college students to get into the workforce, learn and master their skills, and join an established company that has openings for full-time hour employment.

Does Riot Games offer remote internships?

Yes, Riot Games provides both in-person and remote internships every year. The dates may vary so check the company page for all up-to-date information as well as application links.

Can international students apply for Riot Games internships?

Absolutely! International students are welcome to apply, though you should review specific requirements and potential visa restrictions. There may be additional onboarding experiences.

What is the intern community at Riot Games like?

As a Riot Games intern, you'll be part of a supportive community, building enduring relationships and connecting with others who share your gaming passion. It's an opportunity to expand your network beyond the internship period.