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College Online Education

Whether you’re a traditional or non-traditional student, online college education can be a game-changer. Online college courses allow students to obtain degrees from institutions across the country and advance their professional and career goals on their own schedule. This new frontier of higher education has expanded from a cluster of online schools to traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities, which now offer online courses across a variety of subjects. But like any new frontier, there’s a lot of ground to cover. For all college students interested in online courses, our online education section can help guide you to virtual success.

Online, Hybrid and In-Person College Courses

Both traditional, in-person courses and online courses have their pros and cons. Which one suits you best will depend on your own education style. And for students who want the best of both worlds, hybrid courses are a great option.

Campus Resources for Online Education

Online education may happen off-campus, but it doesn’t mean virtual students can’t take advantage of campus resources. Resources like the college library, bookstore and student success office are open to distance learners – and online students who take advantage of these resources can maximize their academic potential.

Online College Courses Across Time Zones

Time zone differences add an extra layer of difficulty to taking online courses. This is especially true for students attending college from home in a different state due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. COVID-19). Luckily, there are ways to smartly set up your course schedule to avoid the worst of time zone fatigue.

Last Reviewed: September 2023