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High School Online Education

How to Make the Most of a Virtual School Year

Most students have probably not had much experience with virtual high school classes. And it’s likely their teachers and school administrators are in the same boat. The transition to online learning for high school students might be difficult, but don’t despair. When it comes to distance learning, you get out what you put in. For students looking to excel in online high school, look no further than our tips for online learning to make the most of a virtual school year.


Top Do’s and Don’ts of Online Learning Classes

In some ways, what’s expected in the physical classroom is also expected in the virtual classroom. Students should show up on time with all their materials and be ready to pay attention to the teacher. But what’s the protocol for asking questions? Or using the chat feature? Should you always be on mute? How about the dress code? If you want to know more, our guide of do’s and don’ts for online learning can help.

Top 10 Tips to Stay Focused During Online Learning

Some students may find it easier to focus in an online classroom. Others may find virtual classes to be harder than usual when it comes to staying focused. For every student who struggles to pay attention, there are quick and easy fixes to improve your study environment and stay on-topic. Try creating a designated study space away from distractions, arming yourself with water and snacks, and using headphones to reduce ambient noise. Your participation grade will thank you!

How to Connect to Your Online School Teachers

If you’re used to getting help from teachers after class or during office hours, connecting with them online can be challenging. Just like you, teachers are learning and adapting to the digital school environment and may not be as tech savvy as their students. They might not be online 24/7 but they want to help their students succeed. Our guide to reaching out to online teachers can help bridge the gap and improve both your grades and your relationships with your teachers.

Online Learning Resources for Special Needs Students/Students with Disabilities/Different Learners

Students with disabilities may need extra accommodations for learning from home. Our guide will walk you through ways to ask your school for accommodations and how to create a supportive learning environment for virtual school.


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