1st Formations Business Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Additional funding for undergraduate and postgraduate students

1st Formations is a leading UK company formation agent, offering comprehensive online company registration and company address services.

Scholarship Details

  • Up to $750 each for 5 successful applicants
  • Funding for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Supports education, skills, and knowledge for future entrepreneurs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to students with an offer from or currently studying at a recognized UK or US academic institution
  • Applicants should provide a 500-word Supporting Statement outlining a business idea and personal circumstances for financial support
  • Required documentation includes an offer letter (for incoming students) or a recommendation letter from a tutor (for current students)

Application Process

  1. Email your 500-word Supporting Statement and necessary documentation.
  2. Include an offer letter or recommendation letter, sponsor contact details, and recent grades.
  3. Apply by January 31st, for the following academic year's 1st Formations Business Scholarship.
  4. Successful candidates will be announced by February 28th, with awards granted shortly after.

The quality of your 500 word Supporting Statement. This statement should explain one business idea you would like to pursue during or after your studies. Your circumstances and need for further financial support, as outlined in your Supporting Statement. The quality of your academic recommendation (if applicable) and grades provided.

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