Ayn Rand Fountainhead Essay Contest

Deadline Varies
Awards Available: 3

Scholarship Description

What is The Fountainhead? This modern classic is the story of intransigent young architect Howard Roark, whose integrity was as unyielding as granite…of Dominique Francon, the exquisitely beautiful woman who loved Roark passionately, but married his worst enemy…and of the fanatic denunciation unleashed by an enraged society against a great creator.

As fresh today as it was then, Rand’s provocative novel presents one of the most challenging ideas in all of fiction—that man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress.

Participating in this contest isn’t just about winning prizes; it’s an opportunity to improve your ability to write and think effectively. You’ll be able to submit up to three times a year to compete with your peers for the $25,000 grand annual prize. You can win up to $3000 for each qualifying round. You must be in high school, college, or graduate school to qualify for the contest. Essays must be written in English only and be between 800 and 1,600 words in length.

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