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Scholarship Description

The Defensive Driving Scholarship is a remarkable opportunity for high school seniors or college students in the United States to receive financial support for their education. We are proud to offer a one-time award of $1,000 to a deserving student who meets the specified eligibility criteria.

Key Details:

• Award Amount: $1,000 • Application Deadline: September 15th

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Residency: Open to high school seniors or college students who are legal residents of the United States.

2. Enrollment: Students must enroll in a semester beginning no later than Spring.

3. Financial Need: The award is not based on financial need, making it accessible to students from various backgrounds.

4. Home-Schooled Students: Home-schooled students are eligible to apply if their course of study is equivalent to a high school senior.

5. Non-Eligibility: Relatives of employees, officers, or owners of Defensive Driving are not eligible to apply. Temporary residents are not eligible.

Application Process: Interested applicants must complete the required form to be eligible.

Additional Information: Defensive Driving Scholarship recipients can only receive the scholarship once. Students who previously declined the scholarship are welcome to re-apply, provided they meet all eligibility requirements.

Before applying, carefully review the complete contest information to ensure your entry meets all requirements. Incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified without notification.

Take advantage of this opportunity to secure financial support for your education. Apply for the Defensive Driving Scholarship and take a step closer to achieving your academic goals. Scholarship Search